Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Sticker packs are in the mail and will be here in a few days.

The new line is READY to be dropped. yeah you hear that? its ready.
now im just being that guy to make you wait a little longer and bide my time to blow up on something.

keep your nose clean.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Stickers stickers and stickers!

stickers packs will be in next week. (monday?)
get them while you can.
also If your around New York City. play "spot free idea" after this saturday.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The ending of a Generation.

I am now 22 years old, I remember when i was in 5th grade i read the first harry potter book and i was hooked. in 6th grade, the first movie was released in theaters and I went on a afterschool trip hosted by B.F Brown middle school to see the movie. Tonight at midnight i will be waiting inline for the first showing of the 1st part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. Depending on where you stand. The Harry Potter series, Has been a LARGE monument in most of our lives, i for one, am really bummed out sometimes that i was not born a wizard. (fml right?) but tonight i will be here. and tomorrow i will post why Harry potter has been such a large contribution to our Generation.

The last couple of Months.

I would like to be the first to say, that I have not stopped Free Idea in any way. in fact! i have been working in this secret laboratory (like dexter) cooking up new ideas, ways to make you guys enjoy every little thing about what your apart off. little collectibles, even more collectible shirts, and just new items. The New line will be releasing shortly after thanks giving. and i promise it wont be a let down. and when you order your packages. they will be full of goodies even more than shirts, and everything else. Ive been taking inspiration from the people i have surrounded myself by over the past couple of months. going different places, realizing different scenes that i didnt want free idea to be apart of. Just everything in general to make the line even better.
the last release Free Idea has had was back in March. so be ready for something epic.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I never lived through the year 1978, nor does it have any importance to me. I have no idea what was going on in my home town in 1978. I don't know anyone who made some kind of difference in that year or anything. But to someone 1978 was an important year, a period in time that could have changed somebody's life. I don't know why I chose this year right now while posting this right up. It means nothing to me. But it is now towards the end of 2010. Only 2 and a half months left and we will be in a new year. Where we will meet new people, maybe work a new job, start at a new school or move to a new place. Thinking about it makes you wonder what have you done in this year. Who have you met, where things happened. or what there is coming.
In this year I have made alot of changes from the people I have surrounded myself with, what motivates me, how the line is, where it is going and what i want to do. but most of all. Its the people that I have surrounded myself with. Ive brought back old friends, started new relationships, and ended ones that didnt work. Im basing this entire post off of a thought that popped into my head after opening a fortune cookie. "what have you done that is so important?" not really a fortune so someone should be getting into trouble at there job.

but its a thought. and a rant.

sorry awkward post.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Umbrella Gallery - The Truth

This past Wednesday Was the closing night for the Umbrella Gallery here in FItchburg MA. I have posted alot about Umbrella, but i dont think i ever went into depth on what it entailed.

The Umbrella Gallery opened its doors a few months back, holding a spot in the back of Design at 639 (a furniture refurbishing shop) on main street in fitchburg. There goal was to have an open art space. non judged art work hung the walls, if you made music, you could set up a show here any night of the week. You where always welcomed back no mater how many people came to see you. If you had an idea, umbrella would make it possible for you to do it. you wanted to learn how to play an instrument they had it for you to learn. Ryan Scott and Brigitte Ferrante where the two main owners of the gallery And they made you feel right at home when you went in, no matter who you where.

Over the short time Umbrella was open it Quickly became a staple within weeks for the Central MA music scene. with there "we wont deny anyone" aspect on everything. Go there one day and it would be a full on Acoustic show, another night, all about Harsh Noise, come back and the place will be shoulder to shoulder packed for a hardcore show. But what really made umbrella stand out was the People who where always here, and the attitude that filled the gallery. When you walked in for an event, you knew that it was a complete drug and alcohol free place, even though some losers did like to brake that from time to time. and there was always the golden umbrella rule of "treat others how you want to be treated" but with there own twist. you came in. acted up and started a mess, Ryan and Brigitte would have you leave. but they asked you nicely. if you didnt then other people would make you leave. Even groups of kids who would show No respect for other places. would show respect in the gallery, which i believe is from the built of atmosphere of the Gallery. But, over time things did get out of hand and leading to a kid being put through a window. the gallery was forced to close.


Since the start of the Gallery, They had an ongoing support from the small but growing art community. But where constantly bullied around by some of the City of Fitchburg's council members. who dont believe in a art community. and want nothing on main street that dosnt have to do with what they want. which is nothing. hence why fitchburg has been in such turmoil for such a long time. With the bullying from some of the city officials (who i believe should be tied to a post and beat with a bully rag) The umbrella gallery was forced to shut down some of there main events. Such as FLASH, a 16+ dance party that was held on wednesday nights, which created an outlet for kids who didnt have anything else to do. ..again pointing out how amazing Umbrella was for keeping kids in a positive area. Also from shutting down events, The Gallery was forced to no longer charge for Shows. (average show was 3-5$) which was used only for bill payment. for electric, and rent. Never actually breaking a profit since the start. (Go City of Fitchburg council members for fucking that up)
From there Umbrella did donation shows with no suggested donation. some nights there was nothing. but other nights was a good turn out.

Over all of the turmoil, from city council bullying, and the quick fights that broke out, the umbrella gallery was a home for everyone. and its really all thanks to Ryan and Brigitte, and members of Most of the bands that played the gallery.

Umbrella will be opening up in a new location soon. and will be staying open as long as they have support.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Free Idea clothing Release date set!

NOVEMBER 1ST! Free Idea will be releasing 2 tees and a long sleeve.
BLACK FRIDAY (day after thanksgiving) Free Idea will be releasing the Windbreaker and Another Tee

December holiday season TBA

The New releases will hit carried shops within 7 days of release date.
the new shop list includes the Following Cities



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